Rural tourism

Rural tourism as a special aspect of tourism is in the development phase in the area of Rudo municipality. What is now significant is that there are great potentials in terms of what can already be offered, namely: healthy food, clean air, walking and hiking. All the villages in the area of Rudo municipality can provide a lot to tourists , and we would highlight the villages Cvrkota, Durovići and Ravanci, with their meadows, unpolluted air, healthy food and water.

The environment represents a unique combination of deep canyons and high mountains. In addition to the many opportunities for hiking and visiting interesting areas, a special attraction are the spacious plateaus of Ravanci, Revanja and Snježota with abundance in medical herbs (about 50 known species), various forest fruits, endemic plants, springs of drinking water and etc.

There is no need to ignore the fact that the municipality of Rudo is located in the immediate vicinity of tourist places, such as: Zlatibor (80 km), Mokra Gora (45 km) with the Šargan Osmica and Etno village of Emir Kusturica. 35 km from Rudo, there is Višegrad, where the restored narrow stream trail of Ćiro is, The Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Bridge and Andrićgrad. There are Dobrun monastery and Draževina nearby (place where of Draža Mihajlović was captured) as well as the Tara River which offers rafting opportunities, Foča (80km) with the national park Sutjeska, Rogatica (60 km) with natural abundance on Borike, Goražde (52 km) with rafting on the Drina.