When it comes to rafting on the Lim River, it should be noted that this river is suitable for rafting tours in relatively quiet waters as well as for fans of extreme and adrenaline sporting enjoyment.

The complete rafting trip  can be organized with a departure from Rudo and it lasts for 3 hours and fits into the category of medium attractiveness, passing by the valley, which can be compared with the river Tara and its beams in a length of several hundred meters. It is important to emphasize that, due to the long run, it can be adapted to all aging structures. Rafting trip goes through the village Sokolovići, where the Great Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolović was born and who built the Drina Bridge in Višegrad.

Rafting ends at Setihovo, at the "Vodeni Ćiro", where  additional facilities  can be organized  for rafters, such as sailing on “Vodeni Ćiro”,  hiking  on a trail called " On The Vizier Trails", mountain biking tours, as well as  other activities.