Natural sights

River Krupica

In Old Rudo, the shortest river in Europe springs out - Krupica (400m), which local people call "Lake" due to its slow flow.
The water is extremely clean, and at the source is used for drinking. What is especially interesting is that the temperature of the water is 14 degrees in both the summer and  winter.
In 1970, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the former SFRY declared the river a natural monument.

The Lim canyon

The Lim Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. It is about 11 kilometers long, and its cliffs reach the height of up to 550 meters.

Vilinska jama cave

There are several speleological objects on the territory of the municipality of Rudo, of which the most famous and most attractive is the Vilinska jama cave.

It is located on the hill called Orlić, above the village of Polimlje. Inside this cave there is an area of the size of a gym with an extremely deep chasm. On its sides there are pillars made of stalactites and stalagnites, some have coalesced and their height is up to ten meters, and their thickness is from 15 to 60 cm.