The environment of Rudo represents a unique combination of deep canyons and high mountains. Rudo itself is located in the mountain region of the lower stream of the river Lim, some 20 kilometers before its estuary in the Drina, at an average altitude of about 400 m. It is surrounded by mountain peaks of medium height. There is mountain Varda on the north side, with the highest peak of 1389 m. The slopes of Varda strech over Priboj, Rudo and Dobrun. There is mountain Tmor on the south side with the highest peak of 1280 m.

In addition to these two mountains in the municipality of Rudo, there are several other attractive mountain peaks, such as Vučevica, with an altitude of 1491 m, mountain Bić with the highest peak of 1386 m, Vihra (1102 m) and others.

Every one of these mountains, as well as this whole region, is characterized by a rich and burning past, and there are numerous legacies of medieval and Ottoman construction.