The fishing zone operated by SRD "Jezero" Rudo includes all fishing waters in the territory of the municipality of Rudo. The main river is the Lim with smaller tributaries (Uvac, Poblaćnica and Radojna) in the length of about 35 kilometers (from Uvac to Setihovo) and the accumulation lake about 10 kilometers (Setihovo-Strgačina). All fishing waters are rich in various types of fish. In the river Lim (as the main river for fishing), the representation of fish by species is approximately: 43% of scabies, slugs and platters 17%, barbari 8%, 3% grapevine and brown trout, 1% fry, the rest are other fish species).

The accumulation lake (the accumulation of HPP Višegrad) is rich in carp, catfish and amura, and all of them are large in size.

You need a fishing permit, issued by the Association, every time you go fishing . There are the following types of permits: annual, daily, weekly and monthly permit. The annual permit is issued only to members of the Association who have their residence in Rudo.