Public Institution National Library "Prosvjeta" Rudo

The public institution National Library "Prosvjeta" Rudo is located in the premises of the Cultural Centre (1, Trg Slobode). It operates within the library network, in the area covered by the parent library in Foča. As PINL "Prosvjeta" was registered in 2011, and under the name National Library "Prosvjeta", it was separated from the former Cultural Centre, now the Centre for Cultural-Educational Activities, in July 1998.

The work of the library is regulated by the Law on Library Activity of Republika Srpska, and the competent ministry is the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska. The founder of the library is the municipality of Rudo, which covers a part of the material costs necessary for it's work.

The Library in Rudo has a relatively long tradition, and it's existence was recorded in the documents of 1939, as "Reading Room and Library of the Sokolska troop Sokolovići" in Rudo. Great merit for it's opening and operation, among others, had the arch priest Slavko Popovic, who was the priest in Rudo. The work of the library and reading room was renewed in 1960 within the Cultural Centre of Rudo. The library was located in the former Sokolski Centre "Sveti Sava", then, which was demolished in 1971, when it was built on the foundations of the current Culture Centre, which has situated a library with reading room. During this period, the librarian Žarka Mićović gave an extraordinary contribution to the work of the library.

Now, the PI National Library "Prosvjeta" has a book fund of about 24,000 books. A special value in the book fund of the library is the native collection of books, which is also digitized.

The library has it's official website at