In the territory of the municipality of Rudo, from different historical periods, there is a series of monuments, which testify that the history of settlement development and organization of life in this region is very long and rich. This cultural and historical properties are located in several locations in the municipality of Rudo. In 2013, the Municipality of Rudo established a list of monuments and memorials of importance for the municipality of Rudo, within which there were a total of 20 monuments and memorials related to monuments from the First and Second World War and the last war of the 1990s.

Under the protection of the state, there are the Banja Cuprija in Staro Rudo on the Krupica River (cultural property which can be found in the register of the SR BiH) and the Most at Viševski Potok in Dolovi (historical buildings and monuments).

Of the more important ones, we also point out the Memorial charnel house and the monument to King Peter I Oslobodilac in Štrpci, the Obelisk and museum dedicated to the First Proletarian Brigade, located in Rudo.
Most at Viševski Potok in Dolovi

Banja Cuprija in Staro Rudo on the Krupica River

Turbe in Prebidoli

Memorial charnel house in Štrpci

Obelisk of the First Proleterian brigade in Rudo

Central memorial in Rudo