"Vidaković’s Days of Culture" is a manifestation that started in 2000. This manifestation is organized in commemoration of the life and work of Miloš Vidaković, a Serbian poet, literary critic and translator, who, like most members of the literary generation of Young Bosnia, has not been able to confirm his true creative possibilities.
Miloš Vidaković (born in Strpci near Rudo on December 26, 1891), one of the leaders of the literary generation Young Bosnia, a poet, critic and translator from several European languages, died on October 2, 1915 as a refugee in Veles, leaving behind a fragmented, unconnected and uneven literary work that, although fragmentarily, still testifies to the undoubted potentials of one of the most prominent writers of Young Bosnia.
This manifestation, dedicated to this tragic Serbian literary creator, is continuously designed and matched for 17 years in a row, and each time this multi-day manifestation brings some orignal and incredible content. With standard events ie. literary meetings, as part of this event, there are organized poetry evenings, theatre performances, exibitions, book promotions and more.
So far, many eminent experts have spoken about literary creativity, and the literary opus of Miloš Vidaković has represented some of the most famous actors' names.
The event is traditionally held at the end of November every year.