Domestic Product Fair - Rudo

The Fair of Domestic Products Rudo has been held for the fourth year in a row and is claiming to become one of the leading fairs in the region that brings together agricultural producers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of various industries who use domestic resources, labor, tradition and traditional technology and in their production thereby contribute to the development of the local economy.
Over 150 exhibitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro participate at the fair, which on this occasion represent a rich offer of products from domestic crafts: from food and beverages, honey and medical herbs to handmade garments, household items and unique souvenirs.

The fair is enriched with accompanying contents within which visitors have the opportunity to attend professional lectures, fashion shows, prize games and other cultural and artistic contents.
The basic value of this manifestation is reflected in the engagement of a large number of local participants to help in the affirmation and development of the municipality of Rudo and the entire Gornjodrinski Region.
The aim of the fair is to provide support in connecting entrepreneurs, developing cooperation, promoting entrepreneurship and agricultural production, for better placement of products and identifying typical products of Rudo and the region.
In addition to the sales and exhibition part, now the component of the fair is a rich cultural and artistic and entertainment programme.
Some of the common contents of the fair are: traditional cake tasting, educational and thematic lectures, competition in making fish soup, presentation of secondary schools, prize competition for elementary school students from the region as well as a fashion show.
Every year, there is a rich fund of awards provided by exhibitors and a large number of sponsors of the fair.