Municipality of Rudo

The territory of the municipality of Rudo is located on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Serbia and Montenegro. It borders with the municipalities of Republika Srpska: Višegrad, Rogatica, Novo Goražde and Čajniče and with municipalities of the Republic of Serbia: Priboj and Čajetina.

The land is extremely mountainous with villages that are scattered and cut with mountain passes. Rudo is in the corridor of one of the most important republic longitudinal roads of the main road M-5 Sarajevo-Rudo-Višegrad-Užice and further to the Bulgarian border. Thus, the municipality of Rudo is easy to reach from the cities of the Republic of Srpska, the Federation of BiH, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro. The distances from the most important centers are: Banja Luka - 360 km, Sarajevo - 130 km, Belgrade - 300 km.

The area of the municipality is 344 km2. There are 89 settlements in the municipality. According to the 2013 census, there were 7578 inhabitants in 2.847 households. The area of the town is located on the mountainous area of the Lim River, at 389 meters above sea level, some twenty kilometers before its mouth in the Drina River. Along the territory of the municipality, the Lim stretches for about 30 km and passes through settlements most of its way. In 1990, the water reservoir of the Višegrad hydroelectric power plant was formed in the lower course of Lim, and the plant is surrounded by breath-taking mountain ranges.